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About Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton and its surroundings are the most beautiful and varied region of Hungary. It is rich in natural beauty spots, historic values and folklore traditiones, it is a popular resort area both for Hungarians and foreigners. Lake Balaton is a resort lake of ideal fundamentals. The soft water gets warm quickly and in summer its average temperature reaches 26C. The lake is popular among lovers of yachting, windsurfing and rowing, too. Water of Lake Balaton often freezes over in winter. Should the freeze arrive in dead calm, huge surfaces as smooth as glass are created on the Lake for the greatest fun of ice-skaters, ice.yachters and lovers of chair-like skatind-sledge.
The land around the Lake is extremely varied, all beauties of the gentle Pannonian country can be found here. Hills of 300-400 meters of Balaton highlands in the north and lower hills, dried-out bogs of Somogy county in the south. Rich flora and fauna. 270 species of birds live in the neighbourhood of the Lake, with species pemanently living here, migrating and birds of passage among them.
Lots of deers, fawns, wild-hogs, foxes, badgers living in the woods and rabbits, pheasants, partridges on the meadows. Pike-perch, giant pike-perch, pike and bream are all valuable fish of the Lake. In the forests are austrian oak, hornbeam and ash woods in the area.


About Balatonfüred:

Small town of 13500 inhabitants, centre of the north-eastern region of Balaton, the first medical resort town of Hungary. The town was built on the wide, shiny side of Balaton Riviera, protected by 300-meters high hills against the cold winds. Vineyards and fruit gardens on hills of southern slope. Balatonfüred is the centre of the historic wine region named after the town. It is quite interesting and surprising that the fame of this mellow old resort is originally due not to the Balaton but the aerated springs rushing up at the lake-shore.
The water had been used for the purpose of drinking treatments and as from 1730 also for bathing (warmed up). Medical power of the water is applied for treating heart diseases in the Heart Hospital currrently, too. Majority of the buildings was destroyed by a large fire in 1826 that is why the current image created by the historic monuments of Medicinal Square (Gyógy tér) was developed only in course of the 19. century.
The Abbey of Tihany divided its domain around the bath into allotments, at hat time the construction of villas which can be seen currently too, commanced. Several programmes based on tradition are offered to the visitors of Balatonfüred. The event opening the summer season is always the reception of the first ship arriving from Siófok in the Harbour (at the beginning of April). The city is the number one place of yachting in the Balaton region that is why the "Sail-Setting Festival" is organised in the Rose Garden in front of the mole (in the middle of May). Last Saturday of July is the day of famous Anna Ball; on the next day the beauty queen of the ball introduces herself to the public within the frame of a roundtrip by coach throughout the town.
Wine weeks start in the middle of August; they serve, beyond the pupose of introducing the wines produced by local farmers, as a cultural festival, too. Events of Wine Weeks are held at the promenade and on the Mole Stage. In the second week of August there is a bay swimming competition (participants have to swim across the bay between Balatonfüred and Tihany). Concert series of pop music organized at the Open-air Stage are going on continuously during the whole summer. At the end of September the prize-giving feast of Quasimodo International Poets' Competition is held in Füred. Several facilities of nice excursions around the city e.g. to the Koloska valley, the Koloska spring or the unique Lóczy cave. From the cave it is worth taking a walk to the Jókai look-out tower by all means for the view is wonderful from there.


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Zsuzsa Bed and Breakfast (Pension) is family run and is located in the town of Balatonfüred.

Zsuzsa Panzió Balatonfüred

Our guests enjoy beautiful views of the terrassing vineyards from our place. It is a ....

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Vadászat. Magyarország napjainkban is a külföldi vadászok kedvelt uticélja. Ezt az oszág gazdag vadállománya teszi lehetővé. Az ország vadászterületei közül különösen kiemelkednek a bakonyi erdők, valamint a zalai és a somogyi dombok nyújtotta vadászati lehetőségek. A Balaton környékén minden

Hunting Hungary is a popular place of destination among foreign hunters. It's made possible by the rich game population of the country. The hunting facilities offered by the Bakony forests and the Zala and Somogy hills are especially remarkable.

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